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Register and connect SIP numbers to your equipment

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Register and connect SIP numbers to your equipment


Registering (creating) a new SIP number and remotely connecting it to your equipment of the following types:

Computer, laptop, netbook, tablet (Ipad (Apple), Android (any manufacturer and version)), smartphone (Iphone or any Android).

To connect a SIP number on your equipment, you will need a microphone and speakers. On tablets, smartphones and laptops, they are usually built-in. Also you can purchase any VOIP phone that supports SIP and / or SIP2 protocols (similar phones are available in almost every computer store in your city).

The process of creating a SIP number:

  1. Register here: https://www.sipnet.net/register?id=72409179
  2. Send your created SIP ID in the sipnet system through the contacts page https://15.to/contact-us (please specify your order number, email or phone number to contact you)
  3. We will contact you and connect the SIP number to your equipment

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