How to connect (remote) to our specialists

Posted by klim 09/05/2016 0 Comment(s) Computers,

1. Choose and install a program on your computer for a connection of your choice

TeamViewer (official site)

Ammyy Admin (official site)

Radmin (official site)

NoMachine NX (official site)

Chrome Remote Desktop (official site)

X2Go (official site)

LiteManager Free (official site)

AnyDesk (official site)

TightVNC (official site)

UltraVNC (official site)

AeroAdmin (official site)

SUPREMO (official site)

And also SSH (standard for Linux), remminakrdcvinox11vnckrfb... nd through any other. At your discretion. It is possible through the standard utility of management of a desktop of any windows (Windows).


2. We order the service of remote (online, via / on the Internet) computer settings here  (on a separate tab).


3. Done!