Ready-made online service for selling online chat services

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Ready-made online service for selling online chat services

Ready-made online service for selling online chat services

What you get when buying this package:

  • A fully configured server (paid separately) and a ready-to-use internet service that enables your customers to put your chat on their site and connect to it operators who will communicate with it with visitors to the site.
  • Fully customized basic administrative panel for managing service customers.
  • Full re-branding for your company. All names, logos, links, addresses, contacts, everything can be changed for you to make the product look like yours. (White label)
  •     The panel includes the differentiation of tariffs by the time of action and the number of generated requests to your server (via http/https)
  •     The panel is translated into many languages: Arabic, Spanish, Hungary, Lithuanian, Croatian, German, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Italian, Norwegian, ,Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Indonesian, Czech, Thailand.
  • Each client has a separate database and files that are formed as an instance automatically.
  • The client uses all the chat features.
  • Fully open source code (easy to modify).

Chat capabilities for operators, customers who installed it on the site:

  1. Unlimited number of chats, operators, departments.
  2. 5 positions of the chat module on the site
  3. Joint view of the visitor's screen (only for visitors with Google Chrome and Firefox)
  4. Create voting for visitors
  5. Possibility to leave a feedback.
  6. Auto-pop-ups under certain conditions (to attract the attention of visitors)
  7. Forms in the chat room to collect information from customers. 8 different types of fields.
  8. Ability to change templates, colors.
  9. Operator's voice recognition and conversion to text. Using Google.
  10. The client can take instant screenshots.
  11. Drag the chat window with the mouse.
  12. Tracking visitors on the site.
  13. Invitation of visitors to the chat.
  14. Chat archive.
  15. Comments on chats.
  16. Upload files to the chat, including drag and drop.
  17. Compatible with mobile devices: tablet and phones/smartphones.
  18. Tracking visitors and on subdomains.
  19. Multi-lingual operator, each operator can have a different language.
  20. Multi-language interface for visitors. Automatically.
  21. Extension for Google Chrome.
  22. Chats between operators.
  23. Pre-chat forms with your fields.
  24. Auto-invite users to the chat according to the conditions.
  25. Google maps showing the location of the visitor.
  26. Support for right- and left-sided languages. RTL / LTL.
  27. Programs for connecting to chat from Windows / Mac / Linux systems.
  28. Prepared in advance response templates for operators for visitors.
  29. Answering machine.
  30. Function leave the message if the operators are not online.
  31. Chat transmission between operator departments. Between operators.
  32. A pop-up message above the chat.
  33. Stealth mode. When the operator wants to read the correspondence of another operator with the visitor without interrupting their conversation.
  34. Support for different working hours for different departments.
  35. Automatic forwarding of the chat to another department after 30 seconds, if the first one did not answer.
  36. Black lists of visitors.
  37. System of paid chat rooms. If you enable it, the visitor will be able to start only one chat. If he tries to close the current one and open a new chat room - he will return to the old chat.
  38. System products. If you turn it on instead of the list of departments, visitors will see the list of products and selecting the products they will be sent to the department corresponding to the selected product.
  39. Support for groups of operators.
  40. Support for operator access levels.
  41. Opening a chat in a separate window - to concentrate on the conversation.

Additional chat features:

  • Support for GTalk, Xabber, XMPP, Monal, ejabberd (With OAuth 2.0 protocol support)
  • Integration with Facebook messenger - you will be able to communicate with visitors to your page directly from the operator's chat room, as with an ordinary chat visitor.
  • Support Skype via a special bot (Sevabot)
  • Support for Openfire, Pidgin
  • Support for Memcached or Redis
  • Support for Node.js as a transport protocol
  • Own REST API and chat (so far only for status checking)
  • Integration with WHMCS
  • SMTP support for sending mail.
  • Requires PHP 5.5 or higher
  • Requires Mysql 5.x or higher
  • Support for Bootstrap 3
  • Support for your own plug-ins is easy to expand.
  • MVC code structure
  • Support for multiple domains, subdomains
  • Http and https support
  • Support for Mysql and PostgreSQL
  • Work without php sessions - if needed
  • 2 synchronization modes - standard and long polling
  • There is a code change without changing the code engine
  • Ready-made module for Wordpress
  • Ready module for Drupal 7
  • Paid module for Prestashop
  • Fully compatible with Docker
  • E-mail notifications
  • Detailed documentation on self-tuning

It is possible to modify the code for you - for a fee

Additional services:

  • XMPP configuration
  • Custom styling
  • Installation issues
  • Do not want to perform updates by yourself
  • Multidomain configuration
  • NodeJS configuration and setup
  • And any other enchancements
  • Issue debuging

  • Product Code: 1
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $20,000.00

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