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In this section you can order (buy, get) our service sites, finalizing sites, remediation of sites, creating new sites, restoration sites, treatment sites, customizing sites, deleting sites, programming sites, site design, site layout, prototyping of sites, content sites, creating articles for websites, create modules for websites, create plugins for sites that create components for sites, audit sites, testing sites, finding errors on websites, the acceleration sites, improvement of sites, upgrade sites, site diagnostics, promotion of sites, SEO optimization for websites.

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Building (Development, Production, Creation, Design, Layout, Coding) of a website from scratch

Order this service from us, you get the website from 14 days. The website will be made (created, con..


Building (Production, Creation) of a site based on a ready-made design template suitable for your project

Order this service from us, you get the website quickly (from 7 days). The website will be made (cre..


Modification, change, finishing, adjustment (code, appearance, design, layout, color gamma) your website

Change (modification, finishing, adjustment, correction, restoration) of your website. Any chan..


Plugin for editing Hits count of Joomla 3.x articles

    Plugin for editing Hits count of Joomla 3.x articles. License.Documentation:..


SEO Services for Small Business ( your website in search engines like a Google etc... )

Order this service from us, you get the SEO Services for your website. Minimum price is $200 per mon..


Trucks in ports ( Plugin for Wordpress )

In the port, work is always in full swing. Ships are unloaded and it is constantly required to look ..